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Can we make a video go viral?

With so much new social media content every minute, how can a single video bum-rush through the clutter and gain attention?

This week we will be experimenting with virality through simple social media outreach. We’ve produced a video that’s highly relevant to what’s popular with the Twitter and Youtube crowd this very moment while utilizing some classic themes – something old, something new,  and something borrowed.

The Content

Something Old: Ice Cube – Friday (1995)

Ice Cube epitomized West Coast gangster rap and was a pioneer of this genre. His rap catalog is laced with angry, violent, authority-defying classics and the respect he gets as a rap icon is matched by few. Friday is a popular song from his most well-known movie role.

Something NewRebecca Black – Friday (2011)

In case you’ve been comatose for the past few weeks,  8th grader Rebecca Black’s Friday music video is the most talked about phenomenon online with over 30 million views on YouTube. Her fame and Youtube views have mainly come from adults bashing how bad her music video is.

Something Borrowed: Recent fad of mashing up poppy songs with songs meant for adults.

Music producers have made a name for themselves mashing together the lyrics from one popular song with the beats and melody from a different song. Extra points are often handed out to producers putting dirty lyrics on top of melodies from pop songs.

And here is our spawn:

The Campaign

A. Creation –

Step 1: Create a mash-up of Rebecca Black and Ice Cube’s Friday songs. Make it sound good.

Step 2: Interweave video footage from both artists’ music videos to play on top of the music. This will be the new music video.

Step 3: Upload to Youtube.

B. Virality –

Step 1: send to 40 people who will potentially spread the video

Step 2: designate a specific timeframe for each of the 40 people to carpetbomb their social networks with this video.

Step 3: Post to Digg, Reddit, and other link aggregators

Step 4: Use Twitter to contact a mix of popular figures as well music fans about the mashup. Hope for re-tweets from those  contacted.

C. Tracking –

Step 1: Make note of each figure before the video gets spread and subsequently in 2-day increments.

  • Youtube views
  • Twitter mentions
  • Results from applicable keywords in search engines
  • Fans of the music producer’s Facebook page

Step 2: Take a look at which channels of outreach are getting the most traction and focus on those

Step 3: Get suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to spread this even further with no Marketing spend. Comments here and suggestions through Twitter @anish_shah or @bringruckus are welcome!

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